Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery

Ross Towing operates one of the largest Heavy Duty Recovery Fleets in Southwestern Ontario with 8 Heavy Wreckers including a 75-Ton Twin Steer Tri-axle Rotator.  No-one has a fleet like ours in the London or surrounding area.  Our large fleet means our customers have less wait time and less downtime.  We pride ourselves on being a “Heavy Duty Towing Specialist” able to handle any and all types of recoveries.  We have 60 years of experience handling all types of major recoveries.   Anything from loaded tractor trailers jackknifed in the ditch or rolled over, trailer lifts, to rolled-over propane tankers.  We have the experience and the proper equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently.  Our heavy duty recovery operators have specialized training in a variety of areas including LPG Emergency Response, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, and Fuel Tanker Roll-over Training just to name a few.  Our heavy wreckers along with our air cushion recovery unit can upright any vehicle.  

One of the most common types of heavy tows that saves our customers time is our tractor switches.  A Tractor Switch – where we tow a working unit out to the broken unit and SWITCH it out for the broken unit then tow the broken unit back to the repair facility.  This allows the driver to carry on to their delivery.

Ross Towing has recently been featured on the NEW HIT TELEVISION series Heavy Rescue 401 on the Discovery Channel.

Air Cushions

Ross Towing has always kept up on the latest equipment.  We were one of the first companies in Ontario to provide Air Cushion recovery.  Air cushions are extremely useful in up-righting loaded tractor trailers.  The air cushions provide support to the walls of the trailer while pushing it back upright.  Using air cushions can prevent having to empty the trailer prior to recovery.  This saves time and prevents further damage to cargo, therefore saving the customer money.

Roll-over with Cargo or Environmental Spill

Ross Towing is fully prepared and well experienced in cases where the scene of the accident includes a cargo or fuel spill.  We have our own fleet of Roll-off trucks and a number of different size and type roll-off bins for cargo or spill recovery.  The roll-off bins are easily transported to the site of the clean-up and allow for quick clean-up of the affected area.  They are ideal for transporting damaged cargo or contaminated soil from the scene and allow easy loading from the ground.  We are one of the few towing companies in the Province of Ontario that is licenced by the Ministry of the Environment.  We are able to collect, handle and transport waste from the scene of a recovery to an authorized disposal centre or back to our compound for secure storage.  Having our own in-house equipment to do the job means less time searching for someone to help.  This saves time and money for our customers.

U.S. & Quebec Authority

We have 12 trucks including 7 Heavy Wreckers that are licenced with PRP plates and able to travel into the United States and across Canada including Quebec.  This is a tremendous benefit to our commercial customers, if they break down in the US we can take a working unit down to them and “Switch” it out for the unit that needs repairs or has been involved in an accident.  This allows our customers to continue on with their delivery with minimal downtime.  Having this many trucks PRP plated means there is always a truck ready to go.

Ross Towing 75-Ton Rotator

Our Kenworth 75-Ton Tandem Steer Tri-axle Rotator is currently the biggest rotator the Miller Industries makes.  The ultimate in recovery trucks the Rotator has a 360-degree continuous boom rotation and is equipped with a hydraulic stabilization system that allows for secure anchoring.  It has an extended 3 stage reach capability which allows it to perform under the most extreme of recovery conditions.  The 75-Ton Rotator is a combination of power and versatility that allows you to work alongside the highway while minimizing lane closures.  The rotators advantage besides its obvious brute strength and lifting capacity is its ability to lift and rotate at the same time.  It also work parallel to the wreck which allows more lanes of the highway to remain open eliminating some of the traffic disruption.  The Rotator is a vital tool for any serious heavy duty towing and recovery company.

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