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Ross Towing and Transportation Services Inc. is a family owned and operated corporation.  We have been in business since 1957 with the purchase of our first wrecker.  Over the next 15 years Ross Towing continued to operate out of the Sunoco gas station.  In 1972 David and Lynne Ross bought out two local towing companies, amalgamated their operations and moved to 50 Horton Street where into the towing and recovery business exclusively on a full-time basis.  By 1980 Ross Towing had outgrown our old location and relocated to 35 Invicta Court, a brand new 1.5 acre property which included a 5 bay shop, security cameras and a guarded, fenced locked compound.  For more than 60 Years Ross’ Towing has continued to grow based on our strength in customer service, and our ability to respond quickly with the right personnel and equipment to get the job done.  In March of 2005 we moved to our new location at 995 Pond Mills Road in London.  A state of the art 2.67 acre facility with 7 bays, loading docks and a fenced compound featuring an infrared digital security system and electronic controlled access. 

Ross Towing reputation for superior service has allowed us to grow into one of South-western Ontario’s largest towing and recovery operations with a variety of equipment to handle all types of recovery situations.  Our fleet currently comprises of over 50 vehicles and all types of support equipment including 8 Heavy Wreckers.  We pride ourselves at being among the very best in the industry with the equipment, knowledge and properly trained personnel to handle all recovery situations.  Our secured facilities enable us to efficiently and effectively manage and control our inventory of vehicles and equipment.  The local and Provincial police forces have recognized the advantage of using our secured facilities to store vehicles involved in serious crimes or accidents and use them on a regular basis.  Ross Towing has earned a reputation for being a very dependable, trustworthy and a reliable secure transportation and storage facility for our customers, police forces and the Ministry of Transportation.


David Ross is a leader in the towing and recovery industry.  He has contributed to the quality of towing and recovery operations not only in London but throughout Ontario.  He is a founding member of the Ontario Recovery Group, a self-governed organization that set out as its mandate to proactively advance the quality of towing and recovery companies in Ontario.  He has served several terms as the President, Vice-President and has held various board positions within the organization.  He also serves the towing industry by serving on various other committees and board for the betterment of the towing industry as a whole.  Mr. Ross is recognized as one of the industries most respected and knowledgeable recovery operators.  He is often the person other companies turn to for advice and guidance in difficult recovery operations.  His reputation and knowledge in the industry is unsurpassed and has been formally recognized by the London City Police and Ontario Provincial Police department as well as the local fire departments and the City of London.

David Ross was recognized for his outstanding contributions and performance in the towing and recovery field when in 2002 he was inducted into the Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame in Chattanooga Tennessee.  An honour shared by only a few Canadians and only the very best in the business.  In 2006 David was honoured again receiving the Provincial Towing Association of Ontario’s “Tow Man of the Year.”  David is also a member of several other towing and recovery associations.  David continues to run the family business and pass on his knowledge to others including his children Chris, Mike and Melissa.


Lynne Ross has worked closely with her husband David for over 45 years.  Lynne is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business.  She has initiated and implemented various office procedures to ensure the smooth running of the office.  She make’s certain the office staff handle customers in a professional and courteous manner.


Chris Ross has been working with Ross Towing since 2002 after completing his business education.  He is a graduate from King’s College – University of Western Ontario with an under-graduate degree in Honours Economics and he completed his graduate degree at the University of Waterloo – a Masters Degree in Economics.  Chris serves as Vice-President of Ross Towing and Transportation Services Inc. and manages the day to day financial aspects of the company.  He oversees the dispatching, accounts receivables and payables.  His duties also include submitting bids and handling contracts for the Government and commercial customers.  He ensures that contracts are submitted and followed appropriately.  He works with customers and employees, and also serves as a certified member on our Health and Safety Committee.


Mike Ross serves as vice-president within the corporation but is also an active heavy-duty towing and recovery operator.  Mike is a third generation recovery operator who has benefited from his father’s knowledge.  He has become one of Ross Towing’s most experienced and knowledgeable towing and recovery operators.  Mike holds a class A licence and has several formal training certificates including Fuel Tanker Roll-Over Certification and Transportation of Dangerous Goods.  He has more than 25-years of experience driving for Ross Towing and is capable of operating every piece of equipment including our 75 Ton Rotator.  Mike completed his formal rotator training from Miller Industries Rotator Ring Leaders Training Seminar in 2006.  He is actively involved in the training of new employees, and is involved in the day-to-day operation of the business.


Melissa Rennie handles the day to day running of the Pension Lane Impound Facility.  She ensures that the vehicles are catalogued and released to the appropriate owners after accidents or impounds.  She acts as the liaison between the local and area police departments to make sure we have the proper paperwork to release vehicles back to the appropriate owners.

In addition, Melissa is also responsible for handling the advertising, and marketing aspects of the company.  This includes advertising and donations to the local charities and charity fundraising.  These include MADD, The Children’s Hospital, Firefighters Ball, Diabetes Association, and several local sports teams.  She also runs the several appearances every year of our trucks at various events such as the Strathroy Emergency Services, Ilderton Truck Show, Touch a Truck event in London, and local school appearances.

Ross Towing and Transportation Services Inc. have been in the towing and recovery business for over 60 years.  We pride ourselves on having professional drivers and the very best equipment the industry has to offer.  We are a full-service towing and recovery company, servicing light medium and heavy duty vehicles.  We also offer a full complement of construction and machinery moving services.  We have a staff of over 45 employees including 2 full-time mechanics, and 8 dispatchers. 

Ross Towing and Transportation has qualified staff members and supervisors available 24 hours per day 365 days a year.

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